"Our journey in life sometimes takes unexpected twists and turns, causing us to feel physically, mentally or emotionally unwell - this is when Bio-Energy therapy can bring your life back into balance"

Tonika Cobb Dip.Cl.Psy.,D.Psy.[LD],Dip.Hyp.Dip.D.Th.,D.Psy.
Tonika is a world-renowned expert on bio-energy therapy (bio-magnetism and the human energy field). She has
25 years clinical experience, working with people suffering injury and serious illness.

Bio-Energy therapy is based upon the scientific understanding that our bodies have ‘electrical frequencies’, just as mobile phones or radios do. For a person to feel well and happy their body’s electrical frequency should flow freely without blockage. Any blockage in the human electrical field can eventually cause a person to feel unwell, ‘out of sorts’ and low in physical energy.

Tonika utilises 2 unique treatments to balance a person’s electrical field: Power Point treatment and Hyper-Cell treatment.

Hyper-Cell treatment can provide benefit to physical conditions such as; injury to muscle, ligament and bone (including leg ulcers) and sports related injuries. Power Point treatment can help emotional and mental conditions such as; anxiety, stress, depression, attempted suicides, children who have been bullied, those suffering bereavement, poor concentration or to improve sporting or academic ability. Power Point treatment can be combined with Hyper-cell treatment for accelerating recovery of chronic injury and illness. They offer new hope for those people suffering ill-health.

Her treatments are extremely safe and can be used on all ages - babies through to the elderly or infirm.

Tonika works tirelessly researching and improving her own treatment procedures for a wide variety of conditions. Her pioneering treatment is breaking new ground and is safe and beneficial.

An international speaker, published author and workshop leader. She has been interviewed extensively on radio and television. Her qualifications include; diplomas in Clinical psychology, Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Dream therapy.

Power Point Treatment
Tonika has developed an advanced and highly specialised form of Bio-Energy therapy called Power Point treatment. This is an extraordinarily successful treatment which re-aligns the human energy field. Power Point treatment has helped recovery from stress related conditions, anxiety and depression - improving feelings of wellbeing.
(For more information see Bio-Energy Therapy Page)

Hyper-Cell Treatment
The Hyper-Cell machine uses subtle variations of visual and non-visual light frequencies to positively stimulate injured and damaged cells to heal.(For more information see Hyper-Cell Page)

Power Point therapy and Hyper-Cell treatment has been used by many professional sportsmen and women including players from London WASPS, Harlequins R.F.C, England and French rugby teams.